Top Ten Favourite Foods

Top Ten Favourite Foods

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  • Pizza

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    Things like fries and cake are good and all but pizza beats them all by 100000000000000000000000000000000000... Nothing can beat pizza.. Especially pizza hut nice thick buttery crispy crust and soft mellow melting cheese, I THINK I NEED SOME RIGHT ABOUT NOW stuff you would normally never eat tastes great on pizza Just to good to be true pizza

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  • Chocolate

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    Chocolate is always a relaxing thing to eat whenever you are tired or whatever the case. It is creamy and rich and will always calm your nerves. Chocolate is so the way to go. I just love the adrenaline rush of chocolate. It's sometimes soft and gooey, and its awesome! Its sweet, its sugary and it makes you feel all happy and bubbly inside. Oh, and it makes you fall in love. What more can be said about this gift from the gods? Sugar, ahh honey honey

  • Ice Cream

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    You got in a fight with your parents? Your bf just broke up with you? Did your bff just ditch you for the "cheerleaders"... Well.. atleast we will always have ice-cream until everything gets better : ) I love ice cream so much! It always helps me cheer up and look on the good side every time I'm down in the dumps. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Creme! Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate chip, sherbet, cookie dough, anything! Who cares about brain freeze; ice cream is the best thing ever!... I like Ice cream but Chocolate is better

  • Steak

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    Every man needs his steak. Steak and lobster would be my choice for a last meal. I'm with all of u! Steak medium rare is the BEST! better than chicken chocolate and pizza! - toooooooooooooooomuch The perfectly cooked steak is like a grand slam I had steak for dinner just last weekend!

  • Bacon

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    Without pigs, life would be nothing. Without pork, there is no point in life. Without bacon... This comment is too sad. Can I get a tissue? Please? You can never have too much bacon. If you were drowing in a vat of bacon in a container made of bacon on a planet made of bacon in a facility made of bacon that produces bacon, you still wouldn't have enough bacon. Bacon... Bacon is a wonderful gift from heaven above. When He dropped pigs from the sky, we all bowed down to praise him for the magnificent gift he gave. Pork, ribs, ham, bacon... Only my deepest, darkest nightmares confront me with no bacon. The best death would be death by bacon. I want bacon. I feel like a zombie for bacon because I cannot stand not having bacon. I also say "BACON... " in my sleep. I can't live without the juiciness of such a good food which comes from PIGS! Bacon comes from pigs. And pigs live in mud and dirt. Would you eat that?

  • French Fries

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    Go chips/French fries. I really enjoy Chips, thick ones, small ones, Burger King ones, Mcdonalds ones... Now I think about it, I love ALL CHIPS! - marlonacott This stays my favourite food forever. Try it with curry ketchup and mayonnaise on it plus chopped onion. It is so delicious, you can't imagine. ask anyone, fries are the best. I seriously don't think I could live without them! Wendys does the best! Tastyness! And all that salt...Love French fries

  • Burgers

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    Nothing TOPS a great American style hamburger! NOTHING! Any way I like it that's why burgers are the bomb. Better than boo sack noodle. Cheesy beefy goodness! I love all burgers. I love cheeseburgers especially. American food at its best! Guys, where I live burgers are made out of cows brain, bum, nose, lips and ears mashed together. So I don't buy them, but they must be a whole lot nicer somewhere else. Chocolate is my favourite food.

  • Chicken

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    Wow! I love chicken its juicy! Its spicy especially india! 1 1000 dishes of chicken no one can beat em #1tandoori chicken and butter chicken! I love em all! All GA GA over CHiCken.. And it can also be made in like 100 different ways.. Thumbs up for CHICKen.. :D Chicken Burger, Chicken pizza, etc.. nothing beats chicken. kfc! all the way It is em to taste

  • Tacos

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    tacos are the best freakin foods in the whole USA I mean pizzas good but tacos are amazin if people don't know the awesomeness of tacos thet arnt from the USA Tacos and Burritos.M... Pizza and all that American food is solid but tacos with that soft shell and delicious fillings! That takes the cake! For being so good, Tacos are amazing because their also healthy. They have raw veggies, beans, are gluten free (if having corn shells)... Just perfect and so satisfying. Tacos are the best. But only Mexican Tacos

  • Sushi

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    All time favorite :) I can eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life, I won't get tired of it! That killer thing was just A Joke sorry Justin I did not mean to offend you. I really like sushi and yes. I would rather just lock myself in a room for a day without food for this tasty meal! Don't argue. Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I don't only know English and a few Spanish words. That's all I know honestly! One of the sushi chefs named Uncle, is a pro! (Yes that is his real nAme ) he is very good... I love this and it would take me a whole MONTH to get sick of it. I have a headache so I'm going to go now : ) Its really awesome the best thing created by man or whatever it's the best EVER I love I could eat it all flippen year or for the rest of my life id rather prefer the rest of my life every time I'm hungry all I can think about is sushi except if it involves Jessica alba or Megan fox but I love it so much when I'm rich I'm gonna buy a sushi chef Sushi is disgusting raw fish with rice gross

  • chicken fajitas

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    Yay, chicken fajitas! So easy to make, and so quick. A little bit of back story. The word “fajita” means “little belt” from “faja” for strip or belt, and the diminutive “ita”. It describes a skirt steak, and fajitas were traditionally made with grilled skirt steak, though now they can be made with chicken, shrimp, you name it.
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